The MUKA stove from SOTO wins GOLD at the OutDoor INDUSTRY AWARD 2012, the world’s leading trade fair for the outdoor industry. The Muka stove was selected for its particularly outstanding innovation and design performance from a total of 322 submissions from 25 countries around the world. When examining the submissions, the jury paid particular attention to the following points: degree of innovation, design quality, workmanship, choice of materials, environmental compatibility, sustainability, functionality, utility, safety, trendsetter character and brand value / branding.

Reason of the jury:
“Easiest handling – that is what the Muka stove from SOTO . The Japanese are thus presenting the first almost self-explanatory gasoline stove that works without a cumbersome preheating procedure, offers a pump with a pressure indicator and is extremely easy to vent. In addition, it weighs little and has a very compact pack size.
Pump up the SOTO Muka stove fuel bottle, turn on the regulator and the flame ignites: a hybrid gasoline stove that does not require preheating. The ‘Dual-Groove Drum System’ makes lighting as easy as with a gas stove. The Muka stove has a pressure indicator on the ‘Smart Pump’ so that the operator can observe the pressure built up inside the aluminum bottle. The small aluminum frame and a very flexible hose make it very ergonomic. Jury statement: “The Muka stove is very easy to use. Its design is clear, functional and reduced to the essentials. Its perfect simplicity is immediately convincing. The manual regulator, which automatically preheats the stove, is special. ”

Friedrichshafen, GERMANY, July 2012

Gold Award