SOTO means “outdoor” in Japanese. And the name says it all for the Japanese company. As part of the Shinfuji company, SOTO Outdoors produces innovative and award-winning outdoor stoves and dishes, as well as clever accessories. The products are developed and manufactured in Japan.

The engineers at SOTO are committed to developing products that achieve a maximum of sustainable, constant heat in the shortest possible time. Devices that can be trusted to work in extreme cold and storms. The focus of development is the safety, user friendliness and environmental compatibility of the products. Strict quality controls as well as the highest technical and safety standards guarantee perfect functioning. All devices are tested under the most extreme conditions.

In addition to the stoves, SOTO has cookware and accessories in its range. All products in which the passion for perfection and the innovative spirit of the engineers are reflected. Every product has one or two tricks that may only become apparent at a second glance, but which noticeably improve usability or safety.