Amicus with Stealth Igniter

Amicus with Stealth Igniter


Perfect entry-level model with high performance

The Amicus is the affordable, yet high-quality entry-level model from SOTO. It can be packed small and is suitable for everyone who wants to warm up something spontaneously on the go or cook small dishes.

The concave burner head is set lower and has a raised edge so that it delivers full power even in windy conditions. I use the regulator to dose the stove extremely sensitively. The four pot supports snap into place when unfolded. They are large and sturdy enough for larger pots and pans. The piezo ignition with internal cable allows the stove to be started reliably at the push of a button.


Details & Delivery contents


  • Fuel: gas
  • Raised metal rim to protect the burner from cross winds
  • Economical consumption: high energy yield due to the small distance between the cookware and the burner
  • Power can be metered very precisely
  • With piezo ignition
  • Valve with 3-fold O-ring so that no gas can escape when not in use.
  • Extremely light
  • Four pot supports for a stable stand of the dishes
  • Foldable very small
  • Burns very quietly
  • Also suitable for larger pots
  • Very robust thanks to high-quality materials

Scope of delivery

  • Stove
  • Packing bag

Technical details

Weight81 g

3030 W
2600 kcal / h
10210 BTU

Pot support

min. 4.2 cm; Max. 10.6 cm

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