In addition to the simple and functional design, high-quality workmanship, ease of use, high level of safety and reliability, it is above all, the many groundbreaking innovations that convince the critics again and again.

Several gas stoves contain the micro-regulator system, which ensures constant performance by adapting the gas pressure on the burner to the changing bottle pressure due to fuel depletion or temperature fluctuations. The concave and wind-resistant design of the burner head, which was specially developed for the WindMaster and has since been further developed for other stoves, ensures that the stove is exceptionally stormproof. The Smart Pump System developed for the MUKA gasoline stove, which eliminates the messy and time-consuming preheating of conventional gasoline stoves, enables instant cooking and also results in a clean and nearly odorless stove after cooking. Last but not least, we have the innovative designs of the generator and the nozzle of the StormBreaker dual-fuel stove. In addition to the clean and safe gasoline operation via the Smart Pump System, which avoids the annoying and time-consuming nozzle changes, it also works as a powerful and reliable gas stove.

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