FIRE AT WILL –The best multi-fuel burner in the world comes from Japan, the SOTO Stormbreaker Stove

More than four years of development have gone into the StormBreaker Stove, from the Japanese stove manufacturer, SOTO. The maintenance-friendly burner runs quietly, very economically and without the typical nozzle change. In the precisely fine-tuned gas operation (stove/ gas valve: 300g), it’s uniform performance is impressive: The cooking time (an average of 6 minutes for 1l at 2 ° C outside / water temperature) is hardly extended when the cartridge is quite empty, while that of the competition often doubles. With gasoline (stove/ pump: 420g) it heats up even more powerfully (superb 4 min.) With practice, it is easy to regulate and with powerful pumping, it can be fired with little soot because the air-gasoline mixture is sucked out of the bottle. Also great: the pump has a pressure guage.”

Test conclusion: “Engineering at its finest: The SOTO Stormbreaker is heating up the multi-fuel stove competition.”
– Christoph Heilig, outdoor Production Manager

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outdoor Editors' Choice Award 2019 for SOTO Stormbreaker