Fusion Trek

Fusion Trek


Free-standing gas stove with integrated pressure regulator (SOTO Micro Regulator System).

Very powerful and wind-resistant gas stove with a flat flame pattern. The burner head has a large diameter and has more than 300 microflames which distributes the heat over a large surface-area on the bottom of the pot. Gale-force winds can hardly affect the flame. The concave and wind-repellent design of the burner head is taken from the proven and award-winning SOTO WindMaster. The burner nozzles are surrounded by a vertical metal rim that forms a protective trough.

Equipped with SOTO’s Micro Regulator Technology, the Fusion Trek is able to consistently maintain high performance even when the cartridge is almost empty and at low temperatures. This is ensured by a sophisticated gas line system that compensates for the pressure drop when the gas volume is reduced and when the temperature drops. Like all SOTO stoves, the Fusion Trek can achieve an extremely precise fuel dosage. In addition, the stove is very quiet.

The ribbed, non-slip pot support, is also suitable for large pots and pans. When folded, the 180 gram stove takes up very little space in your luggage.


Details & Delivery contents


  • High heat output (3260 W)
  • Over 300 microflames distribute the heat optimally
  • Very finely adjustable
  • Burns very quietly
  • SOTO Micro Regulator Technology
  • Very wind resistant
  • Corrugated, non-slip pot support
  • High-quality materials
  • Small pack size

What’s included

  • Stove with sturdy, flexible fuel hose
  • Carrying case

Technical details

Weight179 g
Dimensions14 × 10 × 4,3 cm

3260 W
2800 kcal / h
11000 BTU

Pot support

min 5cm

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