From slow simmering on a low flame up to powerful blaze for melting snow under extreme conditions

Innovative dual-fuel stove that is powered by the SOTO SmartPump allows for immediate cooking in gasoline mode without conventional preheating and enbles use in extremely cold temeratures and high altitudes. It can be finely tuned and burns with high and constant power. Switch simply and quickly between gas and gasoline operation without changing the nozzle. The concave and wind-repelling design of the burner head is taken from the field-tested and award-winning SOTO Windmaster. This makes the StormBreaker extremely stable in the wind, powerful and fuel efficient.

The StormBreaker has adopted the SmartPump principle, first introduced with the SOTO MUKA stove, which also allows operation with gas. Using a wind-resistant design, it combines the advantages of a free-standing gas stove with those of a gas stove that works safely, cleanly and quietly.

Operation and maintenance are completely hassle free: no typical preheating, no sooting, no cleaning. The StormBreaker burns so cleanly in gasoline mode that hardly any residue remains on the bottom of the pot. When it is switched off, it blows the gasoline feed line and nozzles free, thereby preventing dirt and smelly gasoline residue buildup on the stove. Since it has almost no phases of incomplete combustion (recognizable by the yellow flame), it doesn’t produce soot either inside or outside and therefore doesn’t have to be serviced as frequently.

The stove is light, can be used universally and is stable on any surface. Easy to use and maintain and therefore perfect for everyone who has little experience with gasoline stoves.


Details & Delivery contents


  • Very powerful with over 300 microflames (3487 W)
  • Raised metal rim to protect the burner from cross winds
  • Thanks to the SmartPump it lights immediately, without the typical preheating found in most gasoline stoves
  • No nozzle change necessary when changing fuel
  • For unleaded gasoline or white gas (purified gasoline)
  • Fuel-efficient: high energy yield due to the small distance between the cookware and the burner
  • Burns very quietly
  • Also suitable for heavy pots
  • Very high-quality and powerful pump with integrated pressure display and emergency stop switch
  • Compact without protruding parts
  • It can be completely dismantled, quickly and easily for a possible replacement of any spare parts
  • Multiple awards

What’s included

  • Stove with sturdy, flexible fuel hose
  • Fuel pump ( SOTO SmartPump )
  • 700ml wide neck bottle ( SOTO Fuel Bottle )
  • Stand for gas cartridge
  • Heat reflector
  • Maintenance kit
  • Carrying case

Technical details


3,487 watts
3,000 kcal / h
11,904 BTU


without pump 273 g (if only used as a gas burner)
with pump 443 g

Pot support

min. 7.4 cm; Max. 17 cm

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