Smart Pump

Smart Pump


Innovative fuel pump for Stormbreaker and Muka stoves

The SmartPump has innovative technical details and properties and is the heart of the two gasoline stoves Muka and Stormbreaker . In the ‘start’ phase, it creates a gasoline-air mixture (aerosol), which burns quite cleanly and in a controlled manner. This makes the usual preheating of a gasoline stove unnecessary and ensures a clean and residue-free combustion. The SmartPump revolutionizes the understanding of the function and effect of a gasoline stove, which is usually associated with cumbersome preheating procedures, soot and correspondingly complex cleaning and maintenance work.

The precisely-cut brass cylinder with two grooves controls the gasoline and air flow very exactly. The rotary control ensures intuitive operation and has an emergency-stop function as well as a transport position that reliably prevents gasoline from leaking. A spring-loaded manometer display with a red stripe shows whether there is enough pressure in the bottle. The fuel line of the stove is simply and precisely connected to the pump using a bayonet fitting.

Suitable for the Muka and Stormbreaker stoves.

4 phases for cooking in gasoline mode

Preparation: Pressure buildup & release
With the turn knob in the STOP position, continue pumping until a red ring appears on the small brass pin next to the control valve. Place the fuel bottle on the floor with the dial upwards and unlock the stove by pulling the dial upwards.

START – cook immediately and after approx. 30 to 40 seconds switch to RUN.
Turn to START. The SmartPump now generates an air-gasoline mixture (aerosol) that can be easily ignited. Important: ignite immediately! The initially yellowish flame turns blue as the stove heats up. Switch to RUN mode after approx. 30 to 40 seconds.
DANGER : This phase is crucial for clean combustion in the RUN phase. If you switch to RUN mode too early, the flame can become unclean and uncontrolled in a similar way to preheating a normal gasoline stove. This can lead to the production of soot and thereby leading to an impairment of the stove’s performance. Avoid staying in the START phase for too long, since a relatively large amount of compressed air is used to generate the aerosol and the pressure in the fuel bottle must not drop too low. If the pressure is too low, it can also lead to unclean combustion and clogging of the burner due to soot. This can be reliably avoided, among other methods, by post-pumping during a longer START phase – e.g. with very extreme subzero temperatures.

RUN – Tremendous performance, finely adjustable
The pump now pushes liquid gasoline to the burner, which converts it into combustible gas via the carburetor. In this mode, the intensity of the blue flame can be finely regulated compared to other gasoline stoves.

AIR – residue-free, self-cleaning of the fuel line and burner
To stop cooking, continue to turn the dial to AIR. The fuel supply is interrupted and only air is forced through the fuel line and into the stove. This means that all gasoline residue is burned off without leaving any trace. As soon as the supply line and the nozzle are free of gasoline, the flame goes out. You then hear a hissing noise and it smells slightly of gasoline (because gasoline vapors are dissolved in the air). No gasoline remains on the burner itself.
ATTENTION: In AIR mode, the last fuel is pushed out of the fuel line and the stove with a lot of pressure; the stove runs on the highest level with a strong flame.

STOP – stove off, meal on
As soon as the flame has gone out and you can hear the air rustling uniformly, turn the dial to STOP. The transport lock is activated by pressing down the adjustment knob so that gasoline can no longer leave the bottle.


Details & Delivery contents


  • Very efficient and stable pump with an accurate pressure display
  • The housing and pump mechanism are made of high-quality metal
  • The adjustment knob is made of aluminum and ball bearings
  • The screw thread is made of high-quality plastic
  • Emergency-stop function

What’s included

  • 1 smartpump

Technical details

Weight170 g
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