The NEW RIVER project. Two attempts and they finally made it

The madness that compelled Andy Ebert and Christoph Michel from Munich to go to Tasmania and follow the New River from its mouth to the summit of the Federation Peak is not entirely clear. The attempt ended in a helicopter rescue operation from an almost impenetrable thicket shortly before their destination. Too unfit, not enough mental strength, lacking food supplies, poorly equipped for the icy waters of the New River, and traveling with far too heavy gear. The end.

Not at all! Once revitalized and after coming to terms with the defeat, the two decided to try it again. After training with fully-loaded backpacks, no tree-blocked undergrowth was safe from them. Special food and thick neoprene clothing should keep the body active and warm. In addition, SOTO outdoor stoves and dishes and BACH backpacks specially tailored for the tour.

Ultimately, the two really managed to explore their own limits, physically and mentally. The intention, which had been mentally played out countless times, was put into practice – the result was the long-awaited ‘first ascent’.

And not only this story ended well – after years of cooperation and support from SOTO, Christoph Michel took over the German representation of SOTO Outdoors. So the journey is far from over.