SOTO athlete Stephan Siegrist

It was a ski tour that sparked Stephan Siegrist’s passion for mountaineering. The view from the window at home in Meikirch, Switzerland, where Stephan grew up, certainly helped. Because from this village in the Bernese Mittelland you have a great view of the Bernese Alpine landscape in good weather. After graduating from school, he initially trained as a carpenter. After the mountains could noticeably win Stephan over, he decided to take up further training – as a mountain guide.

Since the age of 26 he has been earning his living as a professional mountaineer and mountain guide. Stephan lives today in Ringgenberg near Interlaken. He is married and has two sons. The most outstanding achievements of his mountaineering career to date include the first ascent on all 7 continents, ascent of the great north faces of the Alps, expeditions and projects in northern India and Nepal, North America and the Antarctic, South Africa and Patagonia. Stephan Siegrist has climbed the north face of the Eiger over forty times.

Mountaineering highlights:

1996 Cerro Torre compressor route
1999 Cerro Torre 1st winter ascent of the west face Ferrari route
1998-2000 Eiger north face – La vida es silbar – first ascent of the Eiger north face
1999 Flying Circus – Breitwangfluh
1999 Eiger Live – Eiger North Face
2000 Mescalito – El Captian
2001 Eiger Young Spider – first ascent of the Eiger north face
2001 Cerro Torre – Maestri Egger
2005 Eiger-Mönch-Jungfrau-Nordwand trilogy
2007 Arwa Tower, Gharwal Himalya – India First ascent of the north face
2008 La Patiencia – Eiger north face first ascent
2008 Antarctica – first ascent of Holtanna and Ulvetanna
2011 Cerro Kishtwar, first ascent – White Saphire first ascent
2012 Trilogy Torre Group – Cerro Torre, Torre Egger, Cerro Standhart
2013 Cerro Torre west face – 2nd winter ascent
2014 Kishtwar, Kashmir – first ascents Shivling, Kharagosa, Shiepra
2017 Cerro Kishtwar – first ascent of the direct northeast face
2018 Rotbrett, Jungfrau Westwand – first ascent
2019 Jungfrau West Face – silverback, first free ascent